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Find out how we helped residents, create their own gardening space.

We all know that being outdoors, tending to plants and enjoying nature is good for our wellbeing. And it can be especially beneficial for people who are lonely, anxious or depressed. 

When we started our Activity Bag project at Stronglands Court in Oundle in August 2020, we discovered that residents were suffering quite badly from the effect of lockdowns. Many of them don’t have any garden or outdoor space of their own and although there is a small area of lawn outside the main block, this is not designed or maintained for enjoyment. Mobility issues also make it hard for people to reach local green space. 

Chatting to residents we discovered that most of them had been keen gardeners and would still love the opportunity to grow flowers, herbs and vegetables. So we hit on the idea of a Stronglands Court Gardening Club that the residents would be able organise and manage themselves. Longhurst Group – who manage Stronglands Court – were delighted with the idea and gave their approval. 

The project took a while to get off the ground because the first growing season was almost finished by the time we secured funding from three different sources. But the following spring we were allowed to meet with residents and discuss ideas. After that, things moved quickly and we purchased three table-height planters, a storage shed, tools, watering cans and other equipment, compost, topsoil and plants to get things started. 



Planting Up

Residents planting up herbs with Stephanie Dudley

At another meeting, Stephanie (one of our volunteers who is a keen gardener) discussed plants and planting with residents and, armed with a shopping list, we visited a local garden centre to buy what had been requested. Later that week we met again at Stronglands Court to start planting, and so far we know the group has grown potatoes, herbs, winter broccoli and onions. They’ve also planted pots of spring bulbs which everyone will be able to enjoy.

The Stronglands Court Gardening Club will continue to run itself, and Pink House will use the remaining funds to purchase some new garden benches and a garden table so they will be able to enjoy a well-earned rest from their planting!

3 Table top planters

Table top planters with veg and herbs


Violas planted by residents at Stronglands Court, Oundle

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